In 1978 Dane released his one and only album which became immediately an Aor classic ! You can hear Bill Champlin, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Stevie Nicks, Larry Carlton & many others at their best on this great cd. 25 years after, Dane can be heard again in Dreaming Of L.A, on the song "World Away" then in Nothing But The Best on 2 new songs, then again in L.A Attraction on "Give A Little Love " that he co-wrote with Frédéric. Dane is also featured in the album L.A Ambition as well as in Journey To L.A where he wrote a song for Frédéric called "Waiting In The Darkness" sung by Steve Overland (FM) & we can also hear Mr. Donohue on the song "Waiting For The Sun".