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Get most of the AOR cd’s at very cool prices from WOW HD ! They are located in 20 countries and you’ll get your CD’s very fast and cheap ! You can change to your country on the website. Check them out ! https://www.wowhd.fr/search?mod=AP&cr=AOR|121026

Don’t miss 2 more AOR remastered reissues out now (Frédéric Slama’s L.A Rendez-Vous & AOR: Return To L.A).Dont miss the chance to get them from Perris Records, Aor Heaven, Neh Records or WOWHD !

Also available AOR remastered reissues (Next Stop L.A & The Colors Of L.A)

4 Reissues

Now available on Perris Records AOR s "The Best Of The Westcoast Spirit", a unique collection of songs in the pure Westcoast tradition in the style of Pages, Greg Guidry, Marc Jordan, Chicago or early Toto. With these cool 15 remastered tracks you will discover the best of the Westcoast Spirit featuring the talents of Bill Champlin, Steve Lukather, David Roberts, Michael Ruff, Dane Donohue, Rick Riso, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Boruff, Brandon Fields,Tom Saviano, James Harrah, Bruce Gaitsch, Ed Greene and so many more ! Only the best and sometimes rarest tracks have been selected for this one of a kind compilation reminiscing of the 80's sound. Unmissable for the smooth sound collectors !

The Best Of The Westcoast Spirit

New book available now on Amazon. The Japanese AOR Bible 2 ! Check it out now  ! Volume 1 still available.

- Cover The Japanese AOR Bible 2

After the success of "Rare Tracks & Demos& "More Demos From L.A."Frédéric Slama’s AOR all star project is back with a 3rd volume of great songs from the past, entitled "Heavenly Demos ». The CD features 14 tracks with some legendary singers like Paul Sabu (Only Child), Steve Overland (FM), Kevin Chalfant (The Storm), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Chris Antblad (Spin Gallery), Philip Bardowell (Unruly Child), Göran Edman (Street Talk) & many more. Dont miss this gem !

Heavenly Demos

Check out Frédéric Slama’s 9 Westcoast Bibles + The High Tech Aor Bible & The AOR Bible + 2 Japanese AOR Bibles available exclusively on Amazon. The perfect reference guides for Aor & Westcoast music with thousands of albums reviewed. And if you like thrillers and fantastic novels, don't miss also Frédéric's 5 books (in French) also available on Amazon !

Cover 4

Frédéric Slama’s AOR all star project is back with a CD of great songs from the past entitled "More Demos From L.A.". Featuring some incredible singers like Jesse Damon (Silent Rage, Kiss), Paul Sabu, Michael Kisur, Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Dane Donohue, Jerry Hludzik & Bill Kelly (Dakota) with 3 never released tracks rockier and rawer than the versions released by Dakota. 17 tracks of rough and simple AOR that you don't want to miss ! 

More Demos From L.A.

Frédéric Slama a écrit 4 livres en Français disponibles chez AMAZON. Deux nouvelles fantastiques "L'Homme Qui Tua La Mort""La Planète Sans Âge" ainsi qu'un roman policier à ne pas mettre entre toutes les mains "L.A. Obsession". Également disponible un livre sur le bien-être: Faites les valises de vos problèmes ... Et regardez-les s'envoler ! Découvrez-les en exclusivité chez Amazon !

L'homme Qui Tua La Mort       

L.A Obsession     Faites Les Valises

Frédéric Slama’ s AOR all star project is back on Perris Records with a CD of rare tracks & demos. Featuring some incredible singers like Michael KisurSarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream), Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) & More. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to some incredible demos that were the blueprints of many songs of the AOR albums ! Read the reviews on this website !

Rare Tracks & Demos

Frédéric Slama’ s AOR all star project is back with a remastered compilation called "The Heart Of L.A" out now on Perris Records, featuring some of the best singers from the Melodic Rock world. Imagine in the same album the incredible voices of Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteem, Talisman, W.E.T), Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, Two Fires, Journey, Shooting Star), Steve Overland (FM, The Ladder), Jesse Damon (Silent Rage, Kiss), Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove, John Waite), Philip Bardowell (Unruly Child, Places Of Power), David Forbes (Boulevard), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Bill Champlin (Chicago), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto), Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot) & many more stars. 2 unreleased tracks have been added to what might be the ultimate AOR album in the vein of Survivor, Foreigner, Giant & Toto. 16 tracks of pure Melodic Rock heaven like you've never heard them before. A must have for any serious collector ! Check out the reviews !!! 

The Heart Of L.A

Frédéric Slama’ s AOR all star project is back with album n° 15th, showcasing the darkier & more melodic sides of AOR with the help of top producers Tommy Denander & Paul Sabu. The new AOR album is called "L.A Darkness" and features some legendary singers like Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteem, Talisman, W.E.T), Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, 707, Two Fires, Journey, Shooting Star, The V.U), Steve Overland (FM, The Ladder), Jesse Damon (Silent Rage, Kiss), Henry Small (Prism), Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove, John Waite), Philip Bardowell (Unruly Child, Places Of Power, N.O.W), Rick Riso (Chasing Violets) & more."L.A Darkness" is for fans of the heavier side of AOR in the vein of Survivor, Foreigner, Giant & Toto. Maybe the most Melodic Rock album of all AOR cds.      


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